Project Description

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Brief Counselling Program

In order to enhance the Brief Counselling Program at Foundry Kelowna and meet the growing demand for mental health services, Foundry Kelowna is seeking support to add a 0.5 FTE Mental Health Clinician, which the Blenk Family Fund is now supporting. This additional clinician will provide valuable assistance, supporting a caseload of up to 2.5 days per week. By alleviating the demand on the Clinical Lead, Foundry aims to enhance their ability to serve youth who may not meet the eligibility threshold for Interior Health or CYMH counselling services but still require intentional counselling support. With increased capacity in their Brief Counselling Program, Foundry Kelowna can reduce wait times and ensure that more youth have access to the vital mental health services they need. This will ultimately result in improved mental health outcomes for young people seeking support.