Project Description

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An initiative of the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Discovery College Kelowna provides a variety of free podcasts and online courses for youth and families. A series of online workshops on how to cope with the current Covid-19 crisis as well as a podcast called “What Really Works” have become very popular. Coming from real-life experience these programs provide young people with tools and tricks to support their mental well-being – right now and in the long term.

Thanks to the financial support of the Blenk Family Fund and the KGH Foundation, the podcast and the courses can be offered at no cost.


Outcome of the Course “Coping with Current Events”:

  • We’ve had attendees from: all over the Okanagan Valley, Saskatchewan, Quebec, and Ontario!
  • 93% of attendees felt comfortable or very comfortable with their knowledge level after
  • 86% of attendees felt prepared to utilize the skills and knowledge learned
  • 86% of attendees felt empowered by the session
  • 86% of attendees felt more confident to face life’s challenges
  • 100% said they would recommend the session to someone else!

Feedback from Participants:

  • Excellent Presentation!
  • Thank you
  • Great webinar!
  • I really enjoyed today’s session
  • The two facilitators eagerly integrated the postings of the attendees who entered info in the Chat Room. All of us have left the presentation feeling validated. Kudos to Shirley and Melody!
  • Thank you for your support!
  • Awesome work you are doing, thank you